vr videos update

hi guys,

just a quick update about vr videos:

more are coming, as vr headsets like oculus go are available from 200 usd and perfect for watching vr content. I have received FEEDBACK'S and suggestions, here are some important points which i want to share with you:

eye contact - its clear that videos where the model has eye contact with the vr camera are much more part of the vr experience. i do not have always the possibility to make these teasing type videos, but definitely more are coming! those where i can not do dedicated vr recording will be called vr photo shooting video, on these shootings eye contact and direct teasing was not possible.

Eye level: the vr camera will be on eye level when it is possible, as you normally stand or sit in front of another person

story: in the last week of august i will have vr shootings in budapest, i will make the first vr videos with some stories, a kind of cinematic style. this is also not really possible with every model, and need a private space, like an apartment, lets see how it goes. These videos will be uploaded as “cinematic”, so this way you have a better idea what you buy:

  • “cinematic” - teasing style video with a storyboard, lighting, less cutting, model is posing for the vr camera

  • “photo shooting” - cheaper price, longer duration, only a few eye contact, model is posing for the shooting, not for the VR cam

  • all the rest videos in the future which are not photo shooting or cinematic - eye contact, good vr experience, model is posing for the vr camera

get rid of the tripod parts - on some videos tripod is visible, i will use an extension for the tripod to leave it out completely from the video

talking or music - whenever possible and make sense, audio will be kept

Distance - i was experimenting with closer camera positions, now with the new insta evo camera i have a good view in the mobile app on the location what is close enough but not DISTORTED, of course the camera will be as close as possible

resolution - it is clear that 4k is needed

normal video news:

I have just replaced my last Nikon gear, the d500 to a sony a6500, so changing completely to sony, having now 3 sony cameras, all with 4k. with the sony a6500 i can finally shoot good hand held 4k footage, as it has in body stabilization for 4k videos, so the new videos will be mostly in 4k, hd only when i need higher frame rate like 60 or 120, mostly for SLOW MOTION videos. videos with the sigma 30mm 1.4 supported by a really good AUTO FOCUS system of the a6500 will be AWESOME, first videos coming in the end of august, beginning of september!

here i want to put the focus also more on direct posing for the camera, eye contact, some short stories and talking when possible, less “photo shooting” and more “teasing” stuff.